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"What kind of warranties/guarantees do these things have?"

2 years ago
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  Lifetime Support
No hassle, no fees. Just fast and effective support.

For software that we make,
Including the LASR software, the Plugins, and Extensions, we offer FREE support for the lifetime of the products in the rare cases it is needed. Of course, our standard 30 day policy also applies for returns of these items.

You can cancel a subscription anytime. No charges, no tricks. Just log in to LASR X and scroll down on the right side under "Setup" and click/tap on manage account, or contact us. If you are within the first 30 days after purchase, you covered by our 30 day return policy and are fully refunded, including your original purchase price. If you are outside of the 30 day return policy, your subscription will simply not renew the next month and you will no longer be charged.

For hardware that we make,
Such as the LASR Advanced Camera, the mounting brackets for the LASR Station, and some of the various "swag" items, we offer a one year warranty with full replacement, and FREE support (phone, email, chat, screenshare technical assistance) for the lifetime of the products. Of course, our standard 30 day policy also applies for returns on these items.

For hardware that we retail, 
Such as the LASR Station hardware (tablet and tripod) or the KWA Airsoft pistol with laser adapter, we offer our standard 15 day return/replacement policy.* If it has been more than 30 days since the delivery of third-party items, you will want to utilize the manufacturer's warranty for repair/replacement. More information about manufacturer's warranties can be found below.

Please note that this also includes items that we do not make, but do assemble, such as third-party components for the LASR Station, or the KWA Airsoft Pistol with laser adapter.

*Aimtech items are final sale (non-returnable) and are the only items that do not fall under our 15 day return/replacement policy.

To get more information on our return policy, please click here.

These policies do not cover unsupported usage, intentional damage, gross negligence or abuse, catastrophic events (i.e. fires, flooding, car accidents) or lost/stolen items. These policies only apply to the items directly, and not any other property damage or personal injury, or any other secondary expenses or losses.

2 years ago
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Manufacturer's warranty information:

Nextlevel Training (SIRT) offers a 1 year warranty Click here for more info

Laser Ammo (Surestrike) offers a 5,000 shot/1 year warranty Click here for more info

Aimtech (Resetting Trigger Magazine Kits) appears to be out of business, and no warranty is offered. Our 15 day policy does not apply for these products (we do not provide support or warranty return)

KWA USA (Airsoft pistol) offers a 90 day warranty Click here for more info. Please note that the modification may void this warranty.That is up to their discretion and your disclosure.

Reduced Size Targets are cardboard and do not have a warranty.

*Ravelli (Tripod) offers a 10 year warranty Click here for more info

*Logitech C270 webcams are factory/bulk refurbished, and may be exempted from the manufacturer's warranty. We have sold several hundred of them, and almost never see issues. Additionally, the modifications to the webcam for the LASR Station mount most likely void the warranty. Click here for more info on the manufacturer's warranty.

*RCA (Tablet, new version) offers a 1 year warranty. Click here for more info

*Digiland (Tablet, old version) offers a 90 day warranty. Click here for more info

*Dell (Charging Bridge, old version) offers a 1 year warranty. Click here for more info.

* =These items are compontents/accessories for the LASR Station