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LASR Community Access

LASR Classic includes access to online training and user-made content in the LASR Community.

The LASR Community is available and free-to-use for anyone who has the LASR Classic.

(Internet connection required for use of this service)

 Download complete exercises

Choose from a wide variety of pre-made exercises from other LASR users. Everything from law enforcement qualifications, USPSA stages, IDPA Classifiers, work-out style educational drills, and much more are already available.

 Create your own exercises

Take your favorite setups from within LASR, package them up with some printable targets, written firing instructions, optional videos, and more. Nearly any course of fire imaginable can be made into an exercise on the LASR Community.

 Share your results

Run an online match and verify scores, help coach a new shooter via distance learning, see how you measure up against your peers, or just get some bragging rights. You can even share them outside of the LASR Community on social media.

 For Shooter, By Shooters

Gain points by being active in the LASR Community and unlock the next rank to enable new features. Everything on the LASR Community is made by it's members, and an intuitive rating system means you decide which content is the best for you.

 Additional Resources

The LASR Community also includes a user-driven library of downloadable sounds for use with the custom sounds plugin, custom target templates for the target templates plugin, and printable targets to be used by anyone. These can be a great help for anyone making their own exercise or just using LASR normally.


What the LASR Community means for you

 CCW / Personal Defense

Access to pre-made drills focused on the training objectives you choose. Whether you want to focus on trigger control, or do a creative home-defense scenario, you'll be able to choose from a list of drills made by other LASR users. These can even include coaching and instructional videos to help you become a better shooter.

 Firearms Instructors

Stay connected with your students by offering distance-learning with your personalized lesson plan. Bring in new students by creating and uploading drills designed to demonstrate why they should take a class from you. Use it to prepare new students before they even get to the classroom. The possiblities are limitless.

 Competition Shooters

Need to practice that classifier stage? You're not alone. Download drills that are ready-to-go created by other LASR Users, complete with instructions to make sure you practice it the right way. You can compete in or host online matches, help coach new shooters in your sport, come up with your own stages and upload them, and more.

 Military / Law Enforcement

Create and distribute practice exercises for the upcoming qualification. You can administer and monitor your customized dry-fire training regimens online for those new recruits or old hands. Make dry-fire practice as much a part of your daily routine as brushing your teeth.