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Shoot/No Shoot Overlays - Starter Pack

Convert any full-size targets to complex scenario targets!

Save 15% with this starter pack of 120 items.

Does not include targets themselves.
Manufacturer: Shooter Technology Group
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Don't short yourself when it comes to adding target discrimination to your practice and training!

Many folks simply don't practice target discrimination. At all. Often times this is due to lack of resources.

Common methods for basic shoot/no-shoot training can leave some serious scars. They can train you to zoom into the hands and shoot anything with a gun. Do only bad-guys carry guns? Of course not. 

Repetetive judgmental targets often train the shooter to simply recognize the target and not actually evaluate the threat.

About these targets:

This comprehensive set of overlays turns any full-size white humanoid target (such as the white side of IPSC or IDPA targets) into highly-customizable judgemental targets. Each overlay is printed on adhesive paper and cut to size for easy application, covering up, and removal.

White pasters or masking tape can be used to cover holes for extra life, and using staples instead of the provided adhesive can allow easier inter-changability without destroying the overlays or the target. With 30 different items already available, there are thousands of possible combinations!

Quick and easy to use, suitable for live-fire or dry-fire use, indoors or outdoors.

Just a few different ways to use these:

  • In a course of fire, hide a series of targets with these overlays behind a barricade and do not let any shooters see them until they have already shot.
  • Mix alot of targets behind alot of barricades for an extended course fo fire.
  • Pick one (or more) of the faces to be "everybody's buddy". And Buddy may mess up and accidentally point a gun at you, but you still don't want to shoot him.
  • Combine targets to creat hostage targets.
  • Mix into existing courses of fire. Just sprinkle a few judgemental targets in with all those brown-sides.
  • Create a "crowd" of no-shoot targets at various distances and angles, some covering each other, and put one threat target in there... and maybe one target with a badge too :)
  • Mix an LE (badge) target in, and the shooter must "comply" when he comes across it.
  • The RO or instructor can shout, talk and yell on behalf of the tagets (such as an LE target shouting commands to put down his gun).
  • Have the next-up shooter face away from the targets while everyone else changes targets and overlays around. Run for the fastest time without hitting a no-shoot, and everyone gets a different combination.
  • Use with turning or pop-up targets, in shoothouses, and more.

This starter pack includes 4 of each of the following 30 items for a total of 120 items:

  • Faces 
    • Face 1 - Female (Skeptical Girl is Skeptical)
    • Face 2 - Male (It's cold outside)
    • Face 3 - Female (Pumpkin Spice)
    • Face 4 - Male (Dale Gribble)
    • Face 5 - Male (Sputnik)
    • Face 6 - Male (What is on my head?)
  • Weapons
    • Shotgun- 2 hand
    • Pistol- 2 hand
    • Pistol- 1 hand left
    • Pistol- 1 hand right
    • AR - 2 hand left
    • AR - 2 hand right
    • Knife- 1 hand left
    • Knife- 1 hand right
    • Pistol pointed away- 1 hand left
    • Pistol pointed away- 1 hand right
  • Hands
    • Fist - left
    • Fist - right
    • Open hand - 1 hand left
    • Open hand - 1 hand right
  • Hands with Items
    • Phone - 2 hand
    • Phone - 1 hand left
    • Phone -1 hand right
    • Keys - 1 hand left
    • Keys -1 hand right
    • Soda Can -1 hand left
    • Soda Can -1 hand right
  • Items
    • Pistol in waistband - left
    • Pistol in waistband - right
    • Badge

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