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Red Dot Sight for SIRT 110

Add a red dot sight to your SIRT pistol
Manufacturer: Other
Availability: Out of stock

This product is a budget red dot sight that can be mounted to your SIRT 110 pistol.  The RDS replaces your rear sight for easy installation.  


  • Auto brightness control, unit automatically turns off when covered
  • Elevation and windage adjustments
  • No magnification
  • Round 3 MOA dot
  • Non-destructive installation
    • Does not require any permanent modifications to the SIRT pistol
    • Does not require any special tools or skills



  • Battery (CR2032) Lithium 3v
  • Removable protective cover
  • Protective hard case
  • Rear dovetail mount for SIRT 110 and mounting screws
  • 3x allen keys and 1 flathead for installation and adjusting
  • Extra picatinny mount use on separate platform


Instructions for Mounting:

  1.  Remove rear sight of SIRT 110 by pushing the sight to either side with your thumb
  2.  Slide mounting plate into rear sight notch
  3. Use supplied screws to stabilize and level rear mounting plate by putting tension against the slide.
  4. Use supplied screws to attach RDS to mounting plate
  5. Loosen locking screws on rear of RDS to adjust windage and elevation. Some trial and error may be needed with elevation and windage screws.
  6. If needed adjust the laser on the SIRT pistol to "meet" the red dot, using the allen key supplied with your SIRT pistol


*We recommend this red dot to only be installed on SIRT 110 Pro models as the set screws will most likely damage the polymer on the SIRT 110 Student model. Should you desire to install it yourself on a SIRT 110 Student model, please keep in mind that this could very well void our 30 return policy.


*This product is not intended for use with recoil training devices or live-fire guns. This product is a "knock off" and should be treated as such. There is no support or warranty beyond our normal 30 day return policy.