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Product reviews for SIRT 110 Pistol (Glock)

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SIRT pro model a great device
If you can afford, be sure to get both lasers as the training benefit is immense.  The pistol is well made and the detachable magazines are a great training aid to reloading practice.  I've been using this model now for over 5 months and couldn't be happier with it's performance and reliability.  
Robert | 7/16/2015 1:59 PM
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Awesome Product!!!
I work in the private security sector and being able to engage our target in a timely manner with deadly accuracy is crucial.  I have shot 9mm Berretta my whole military career and when transitioning to Glock17 it was challenging to get the perfect scores during qualifications that I am used to.  I purchased this product and within a matter of 1 week my draws were faster and accuracy greatly improved.  This training tool has helped me achieve the perfect scores that I needed in order to be sent to the Fire Arms instructor course that I have been seeking.  The pay bump that I will be getting annually because of this course, along with the additional certification making me more marketable, is definitely worth every penny.  Cant wait to acquire the Recoil Pistol.
kenny | 10/24/2015 7:52 AM
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Thanks again for a great training tool.
Since purchasing the L.A.S.R. System, training beginner shooters has dramatically improved with substantial cost reduction.  It is easier to concentrate on the safety issues while also training them to focus on the fundamentals of shooting.
My Grandson has never fired a firearm.  After two days on the SIRT Pistol, we went to the range.  His safety, as well as his ability in demonstrating the fundamentals, was exceptional.
Rodger | 8/24/2016 3:46 PM
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