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Laser Bullet (For Your Firearm)

The Laser Bullet will let you train with your own firearm.
From $65.00

Painters Tape

Great for sticking targets to your wall with minimal risk of damage to the targets or the wall. Works great for cardboard or paper.

Red Dot Sight for SIRT 110

Add a red dot sight to your SIRT pistol

Spare Magazine for KWA ATP

Practice reloads, and avoid having to charge the device in the middle of practice.

61 Inch Tripod

Need a steady place to put your webcam? Look no further!

Logitech C270 Webcam

LASR works with any webcam, but if you are looking for one-stop shopping, here you go!

Phone/Tablet Mount for Tripod

We strongly recommend this solution for phone and tablet users of LASR X