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LASR X Upgraded Lifetime License

A LASR X Lifetime license that comes already upgraded for multiple logins, networking, and multi-player.

Number of Devices

This allows you to stay logged in to multiple devices with a single account. This is ideal for organizations, family members, or close friends to share the same account.


Networking allows you to connect multiple devices together to enable multi-directional and multi-room training setups.

Challenge Player Slots

LASR Challenges offer a guided practice experience with a fun, game-like progression. Additional player slots allow you to track progress seperately for different people, different guns, or anything else.

Simultaneous Shooters

For mock firing lines or man vs man competitions, an upgraded license allows you to have multiple shooters at the same time on seperate devices.


Price Number of Devices Networking Challenge Player Slots Simultaneous Shooters
$120 1 (Standard) None 1 1
$160 2 Up to 2 devices 10 2
$200 3 Up to 3 devices 20 3
$240 4 Up to 4 devices 30 4


This product is delivered via email within 24 hours of your purchase.

You can also upgrade any account with additional device authorizations from the account management page within LASR X. Pricing varies for non-lifetime plans.

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