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Logitech C270 Webcam

LASR works with any webcam, but if you are looking for one-stop shopping, here you go!
Manufacturer: Other
Availability: Out of stock

LASR will work with any webcam, but the Logitech C270 is one that we offer in our shop, as it was one of the first webcams used in testing and development, and is still used to this day! It is a quality product at a great price.

Relevant Features:

  • 5ft USB cable
  • Ergonomic and weighted base to help with stability
  • Auto focus and exposure (can be adjusted manually)



The minimum system requirements for the Logitech C270 are the same as the LASR software. This item is refurbished. Webcam does not include retail packaging, software CD, or manual. Drivers install automatically on most Windows computers. Drivers and software also available for download by clicking here.


From the manufacturer:

Featuring the Logitech Fluid Crystal technology, the Logitech C270 personal webcam delivers superior pictures with greater details. The 3 MP resolution of this Logitech webcam ensures sharp and clear images. The Logitech C270 has a built-in microphone with RightSound technology, to minimize background noise, thus ensuring a clear audio output. The RightLight technology used in this personal webcam delivers bright images even in low-light conditions. What’s more, for high-quality video calling, this Logitech camera uses the HD 720p video format. Webcam includes 5 foot USB 2.0 cable.