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Live Fire Drill Cards

This Training Log has everything you need to get started if you are just beginning to learn to shoot or have developed advanced skills. Includes all 45 fun and popular drills.
Manufacturer: LASR Team
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Never leave the range again, wondering if you’ve improved! Buy your training log and start improving now.

The expanded 45 drill Training Log has everything you need to get started quickly if you are just beginning to shoot or are improving your advanced skills. The Handgun Training Logs have everything needed to start training and progress in skill level.

The convenient range-bag size training logs containing all 45 drills to get you started quickly and accelerate your shooting improvement. In this log you get 45 drill cards, one for each drill, 7 loadout cards and 20 log cards.

This solid system will help you practice and build on the training you received in concealed carry class or to show progress to your trainer from our practice sessions at the range. 2/3 of the drills can be run at an indoor range, depending on range rules.

TRAINING LOG INFORMATION – For more information on how the LFDC training system works, please visit the manufacturer's website.