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LASR X Templates and Scoring Plugin

This plugin includes automatic and customizable scoring based on points, time penalties, and/or hit factor, as well as multi-zone target overlays for IPSC, IDPA, and bullseye targets.
Manufacturer: Shooter Technology Group

This plugin for LASR X enables advanced features for automatic scoring, including enforcing miss penalties, required hits, excess hit penalties, scoring the "best of X hits", and more! The scoring is fully customizable and allows for hit factor (IPSC/USPSA), time plus (IDPA), regular points (bullseye), or any combination of those!

This plugin also includes pre-made, multi-zone, templates for ISPC, IDPA, bullseye targets, and much more. You can, of course, create any target you wish using the default tools (such as freeform) and apply scoring values to those.