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LASR X Station

A complete and portable setup for running LASR X

This bundle product includes the following: 


LASR X Lifetime License

No payments, with fee support and updates. Your software information will come with your package in printed form. After using that information to setup your account, you can still use LASR X on other devices as well. Check out more details on LASR X here

Gen 5 iPad (Certified refurbished)

This iPad runs LASR well and offers excellent battery life and portability. This iPad runs iOS 12 offering the latest features from Apple. It will come packages and unaltered so that you can set it up to your liking. It is a complete and normal iPad that can also be used to run other apps, games, access the web, etc. It accepts a standard 3.5mm phone jack and lighting charging/usb cable.

Charging cable + wall plug

This is the standard wall charger and cable provided by apple.

61 inch tripod

The same option offered in our online shop here

Phone/tablet mount for tripod

The same option offered in our online shop here


Important: The LASR Station is built-to-order and may take up to 2 weeks to ship from the date of your order (usually shorter than that).