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LASR Classic Shooter Watch Plugin

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Manufacturer: Shooter Technology Group

Demo / Instructional Video >>

Recording yourself shooting is nothing new, as many top shooters have been recommending it for years. The Shooter Watch Plugin for LASR seamlessly brings that ability to your dryfire practice with the added benefit of being fully integrated with the LASR software and all other plugins.

Shooter Watch Teaser Video

The LASR Shooter Watch Plugin lets LASR use a second webcam to watch you, the shooter, so you can see what you're doing right, or spot deficiencies. Position the camera wherever you want to capture those key moments in your practice, and watch the recording while checking your results.


"Coach Yourself"


Fundamentals: Are you throwing your shoulders forward? Maybe your support hand grip isn't what it should be. Use the shooter watch plugin to watch your trigger control, body positioning, grip, and much more.

Mechanics: Make sure your drawstroke, reloads, malfunction dirlls, etc are as good as they can be. You can spot those wasted motions and innefficient movements to improve yourself in live fire and make sure you are as prepared as possible for the next match, or if you need to defend yourself.

Movement: Real life doesn't stand still, and neither should you. Is your movement as solid and efficient as possible? Are you hesitatiing? Let the Shooter Watch Plugin show you what you're doing right and what could be better.

Use of Cover: Standing out in the open is a good way to get shot in the face. Use the shooter watch plugin to see what your target/threat sees, and check how well you are using cover and concealment. You can only improve when you know what you're doing wrong, and the Shooter Watch Plugin can show you.

And More: The possibilities are endless! You can send the video to a friend or instructor to get feedback or you can use it to deomonstrate a technique or drill. Capture what you need to help you refine your skills and become a better shooter!




Fully integrated with the LASR software

No additional or complex controls are needed. The plugin automatically starts and stops recording with the normal controls within LASR, and can even automatically play back the video when your drill is done. As you watch the playback, LASR will scroll through and highlight hits on the target and timesheet automatically, so you can see what events led to which results. 

Various Recording Options

720p HD video is fully supported, and you can capture audio. You can use any webcam, including your built-in camera. The standby/preview mode makes it quick and easy to set up your camera to make sure it will be able to see what you want it to see. You can also access your cameras setting to adjust things like contrast and brightness to make sure you are getting the clearest and most detailed video. 

Various Playback Options

When you're reveiwing your video, you can click on the video timeline, or on the timesheet in LASR, to jump to a certain point. Play the video back in slow motion to so you can see what's really going on, move forward or backward frame-by-frame to really nail down that pivitol moment, and you can undock the video to move it wherever you want on the screen, or set it up on a seperate monitor.

Save and Export your Videos

With LASR, you can save your targets and timesheet for later reveiw and comparison, and with the Shooter Watch Plugin, you can save the vidoes as well. Access them through the reports veiwer, or export composite videos that include the shooter, timesheet, and targets. This can be great for making a demonstration video of a certain drill or technique, or sharing your video with an instructor, or your peers, for feedback.


Demo / Instructional Video:


More Help:

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NOTE: To use this plugin, you must own the LASR software.

A mid-to-high performance machine, with a modern, multi-core processor is recommended for use with this plugin, as it does place some addtional demand on your computer. A second webcam capable of at least 320x240 @30FPS is required. Built-in webcams are fine.