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LASR Classic Plugin Bundle

Additional functionality for the LASR Software
All five LASR Plugins in one convenient bundle
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Manufacturer: LASR Team

Please go to the individual product pages for full details on each plugin.

LASR Plugins offer additional functionality for the LASR Software for everything from automatic complex scoring to self-coaching slow motion video of the shooter. They are all fully integrated with the software and each other, so they can be used in any desired combination and configuration.

This bundle includes one activation code delivered via email for each of the following:

 LASR Target Templates Plugin

This plugin includes a variety of pre-formatted targets with sub-zones for a variety of common targets, including IPSC, IDPA, bullseyes, FBI-Q and much more! It also allows you to create your own custom templates for any target that you wish. With the Target Scoring Plugin, you can assign different points or penalty values to the sub-zones to set up realistic courses of fire, with instantaneous and automatic scoring customized to your liking. The LASR Community Library includes a variety of downloadable templates made by other users, and you can upload and share your own! More Info and Video

 LASR Target Scoring Plugin

With this plugin, you can customize and save points and penalty values for different targets, enforce scoring standards, and much more. This plugin works well with the Target Templates Plugin, allowing you to assign different scoring values to different target zones. More Info and Video

 LASR Quicksave Plugin

With this add-on to the LASR software, you have more options for saving your targets and timesheets for later review, including one-click saving, one shot on a special purpose (remote control) target, and saving your target/timesheet to an image that can be emailed or posted to your social media sites. More Info and Video

 LASR Custom Sounds Plugin

This plugin for LASR allows you to add your own sound files for LASR to use for any of the following sound options: Prepatory Command, Start Signal, Par Signal, Hit Tone, Excess Hit Tone, Backdrop Hit Tone, Target Downed, Reload Called, and Target Nicknames. You can use any .WAV sound files, whether you record them yourself or find them on the internet, and can be any length or content you desire, including verbal instructions for a particular course of fire, or just the gunshot hit tone that you prefer. The LASR Community Library also offers you the ability to share your own sound files and download sound files from other users. More Info and Video 

 LASR Shooter Watch Plugin

Recording yourself shooting is nothing new, as many top shooters have been recommending it for years. The Shooter Watch Plugin for LASR seamlessly brings that ability to your dryfire practice with the added benefit of being fully integrated with the LASR software and all other plugins. The LASR Shooter Watch Plugin lets LASR use a second webcam to watch you, the shooter, so you can see what you're doing right, or spot deficiencies. Position the camera wherever you want to capture those key moments in your practice, and watch the recording while checking your results. More Info and Videos

NOTE: All LASR plugins require the LASR software. Please see individual product pages for additional details.