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SureStrike .40S&W & .45ACP Adapter Kit

This kit allows you to use a Laser Ammo cartridge with a .40S&W or .45ACP caliber chamber. It also includes a safety pipe and safety nut to stabilize the cartridge and display that the weapon is in a safe state.
Manufacturer: Laser Ammo
Availability: 3 in stock

Convert the standard 9mm SureStrike into your intended specific caliber. Simply thread the caliber adapter ring onto the SureStrike cartridge and you are good to go! No tools needed.

SureStrikeTM Adapter Kit includes:

  • .40S&W caliber adapter ring
  • .45ACP caliber adapter ring 
  • SureStrike short safety pipe (compatible with barrels from 2.9” to 4” inches) 
  • Safety Pipe Extension (additional 1” length)
  • Safety nut

Note: To use the .40S&W or .45ACP adapters, the safety pipe and safety nut must be attached to the cartridge.