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Key Keeper

A handy "pocketknife" style key holder to reduce that cluttered key-ring.
Manufacturer: Shooter Technology Group
Availability: 2 in stock

This handy key keeper is a favorite around the LASR Team Headquarters, as it cleans up that mess of a key-ring with a clean , un-cluttered, and easy-to-use "pocketknife" style key housing. Assembly is very quick and easy, and adding or removing keys is a breeze.


  • Two side panels for key keeper
    • One side includes a loop for attaching larger items such as a vehicle remote via standard key ring
  • 6x M3 bolts
    • 3x M3 10mm long bolts come installed for use with 1-4 keys
    • 3x M3 12mm long bolts come additionally for use with 5-6 keys
    • Other sizes can be customized by you*
  • Three washers to act as a spacer in case you have an uneven number of keys
  • M3 allen key/wrench for assembly/disassembly
  • Written instructions

* For each additional 2 keys, add 2mm to the length of the bolts. The bolts are standard M3 (metric) that you can find at most hardware stores.