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Infrared Camera

Don't like visible lasers? Use Infrared!
Manufacturer: Shooter Technology Group
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Why Infrared:

When using infrared laser devices with LASR, there is no visible laser impact on the targets, meaning shooters cannot "walk" shots onto target and will have to trust their sight picture and trigger control. LASR will still provide all of the same feedback.

This camera offers compatibility with both LASR X and LASR Classic, as long as your device has a normal USB port. It will work with ANY infrared laser training device.

Features of the infared camera include a tripod mounting option (1/4"-20 common thread) and a 10 foot USB 2.0 cable inside of a 3D Printed Case. It comes with the standard 3.6mm manual focus lens which offers a generous feild of veiw. You can also change out the lenses for wide angle or optical zoom using the lenses offered here