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LASR Classic Custom Sounds Plugin

Additional functionality for the LASR Software
Add your own custom sound files
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Manufacturer: Shooter Technology Group

The LASR Community includes a user-driven library of sound files that can be used with this plugin. 

This plugin for LASR allows you to add your own sound files for LASR to use for any of the following sound options: Preparatory Command, Start Signal, Par Signal, Hit Tone, Excess Hit Tone, Backdrop Hit Tone, Target Downed, Reload Called, and Target Nicknames.

You can use any .WAV sound files, whether you record them yourself or find them on the internet, and can be any length or content you desire, including verbal instructions for a particular course of fire, or just the gunshot hit tone that you prefer. 

NOTE: This plugin does not include any sound files. It is for adding your own (or those downloaded from the LASR Community). All of the sounds you hear in various videos of LASR are already in the software.


Demo Video:

More Info:

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NOTE: To use this plugin, you must own the LASR software (or the LASR Station).