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"I am getting false diagnostic lines or inaccurate hit reporting" for LASR Classic

5 years ago
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First of all:

- This is a pretty uncommon issue, so be sure you are being honest with yourself about your trigger control, sight picture, and steady position.
- It is also usually only experienced with infrared, and is still pretty uncommon at that.

False diagnostic lines or inaccurate hit location reporting is basically a result of laser bloom or flare which looks something like what you see in the picture below:

LASR always draws the hit indicator and the diagnostic line in the center of the "bright spot" it detects. When laser flare (as pictured above) is bad enough, the software can think that it is multiple laser impacts, and/or movement of the laser.

5 years ago
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Luckily, there is a pretty easy fix. Adjust the sensitivity to be less sensitive on your target zones in target options:

This will make LASR less sensitive to lighting in general, including the dimmer "flare" of extremely bright laser impacts. Be careful not to adjust it too much, as this also makes LASR less sensitive to the light of the laser impact. I would suggest moving it a couple of notches to the left, testing for innacurrate hits/diagnostic lines, and repeating until they stop happening.

This sensitivity setting will hold if you click on recalibrate, but will not hold if you delete your target zone or close/open LASR.