2 years ago
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LASR X can work on nearly any modern device, but ther are some device/browser combinations, and older operating systems, that will not work. If you attempt to use an unsupported combination, usually LASR X will not even allow you to attempt to log in. This does not apply for outdated operating systems as that information is not visible to LASR X.



If a combination is NOT listed here, then it is not supported.

N/A = That browser is not available on that type of device at all.
= That browser will not work on that device, usually due to the browser not having camera permissions
= That browser and OS is good to go!

* Safari does not allow changes to the camera without a page refresh, so you will be prompted to do so if you change the camera or camera resolution on Safari. Safari is also not always able to see/use external webcams at all (on Mac) so you may want to use Chrome or Firefox in that case. Safari also does not have reliable functionality in fullscreen mode on iOS, so this option is hidden in that browser/device combination.