5 years ago
#101 Quote

First off, this is not saying that LASR is currupt, it is talking about your saved targets and timesheets. LASR is still fine, but something caused your saved target and timesheets to become corrupt. Of course, we recommend backing up your database occasionally in case this does occur.

Please note that opening multiple instances (i.e. quadruple clicking on the LASR icon) of LASR will cause every instance of LASR except the first to detect a corrupt database. If this is the case, and you were meaning to open up multiple instances, you can ignore the error. If you were not meaning to open up multiple instances, then stop quadruple clicking :)

Oftentimes, LASR will be able to repair the database when it corrupts, sometimes it won't. If it is unable to repair it, or if you are getting this error repeatedly, you will want to take the following steps:

1. Close LASR and navigate to ~\documents\LASR

2. Delete or move everything EXCEPT your license.xml file

3. Open LASR and get back to training!!