5 years ago
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If you select your camera from either the Startup Dialog,
or the Settings Menu, and you are not getting an image, 


Your webcam is connected, but is not showing as an option for LASR

There are a few things you should try:

- Try plugging your camera into another USB port. Sometimes switching to a USB port that is closer to the main part of your computer will help. This is especially true if the webcam is plugged into a USB hub; the hub may interfere with the camera's ability to talk to the computer.

- Make sure you installed the camera's drivers according to your webcam's documentation.

- Make sure there are no other programs running that are making use of the camera. If there is another program (other than LASR) using your camera, LASR will not be able to access your camera. There are also standby and background functions that sometimes make it appear to LASR that some other program is utilizing the webcam.

- Make sure Windows is completely up to date. There are some components within Windows that LASR uses to communicate with your webcam.

It is always recommended that you plug in your webcam BEFORE starting LASR!!

If your camera's software (not the drivers, the software, i.e. a seperate window) is also launching automatically, when you start the camera in LASR, it can also interfere with LASR by stealing the camera feed. 

This is an example of what that might look like. It is going to be different for different webcams, and ideally, you should not be seeing any second window at all:

You can prevent that window from coming up and interfering with LASR's use of the webcam by uninstalling that software. Again, software, not drivers.

Note for users running on emulators:

We have had some reports of LASR not being able to find the webcam on the Windows side. All of the same advice above still applies, but it also seems that if you install the webcam on native side of your computer first, LASR cannot find/use it on the windows side. It seems that you need to uninstall/disable the webcam on the native side of your computer and reconnect it only to the Windows side.

Please: Keep in mind we do not manufacture anything other than the LASR software, and we can not offer support for software we do not manufacture.