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"I am getting the 'possible lighting issue' advisory a lot!" for LASR Classic

5 years ago
#99 Quote
The one that looks like this:

The vast majority of the time
 you will want to click the re-calibrate button 

(the button that the advisory is pointing to) 

Just click that button once:

And get back to shoooting!
One click is all it takes! 

You DO NOT need to redraw your target zones, restart your camera, pause shooting, stand on your head, or anything else. 


The lighting advisory can only be triggered by two things:

1.) The ambient light on the targets has changed enough to cause false hits. 

This is by far the most common cause. LASR works by detecting differences in light levels, and when the ambient light levels change, you will need to re-calibrate sometimes. Often times, the lighting changes are subtle and over time, and you may not have noticed them. Again, one button click and get back to shooting. 

2.) Unusually long laser impacts

If this is the case, you can ignore it and keep shooting. The lighting advisory does not interfere with shot detection or any other function of the software. 

If the advisory comes up, and nothing seems to be wrong, i.e. no false hits and LASR is still detecting shots, you can also choose to ignore it, but be advised: LASR is warning you that your lighting conditions are changing enough to cause, or come very close to causing, false hits, and possibly stop shot detection all together.


5 years ago
#621 Quote

If you are seeing this a lot, you might want to check to make sure neither of these two things are happening:

Back-lighting is causing the shooter, or something or someone else, to cast shadows over the targets. Those shadows cause changing light conditions. You will want to remove the source of the back-lighting, or use additional fill lighting to eliminate the shadows.

Natural lighting from the sun is dominating the light in the room. The sun moves throughout the day, butts move in front of the sun, and light levels in the room and on your targets change accordingly. You will want to take steps to eliminate this source of changing light, like closing curtains, or even moving to a different room.

And obviously: That the targets and webcam are not wobbling/moving around, and that the shooters are not moving between the webcam and the targets.

If you are in a situation, such as an event or show, where you simply can't control the lighting, you can also _try_ adjusting the sesnsitivity setting in target options. Each target zone has its own setting. You'll want to adjust them to be less sensitive.

KEEP IN MIND: Adjusting this will make LASR less sensitive to ALL light, including laser impacts, and adjusting it may cause shots to go undetected.