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"How do I get accurate laser color detection?" for LASR Classic

5 years ago
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Laser color detection is not as simple as just detecting laser impacts, and can depend on the specifics of your laser, camera, targets, and settings.

Here are some tips for getting laser color detection to 100%:

• Use neutral colored targets, such as white, gray, or black (specifically avoid green/blue/red hued targets)
• Use targets and lighting that are fairly unifrom in brightness. You do not want a lot of contrast across a target zone.
• Have a general ambient lighting environment that is a bit darker than average. You shouldn't need to be in the dark by any means, but a little dimmer can help LASR see the color.

• Hit the "Automatically Recalibrate" button frequently

Please understand that these are just general guidelines, you may need to do some trial and error. It may be helpful if you remember that LASR only knows what your webcam can see.

Try observing your camera feed. If it is difficult for you to see what color the laser in the camera feed is, it will be difficult for LASR as well. Alot of the time, the laser impacts will look mostly white, which tells LASR nothing about color. You may need to adjust camera settings, lighting, targets, etc, to allow your camera to better see the color of the laser.

A couple of additional notes:
• We have also seen certain webcams, specifically cheapo chinese cameras, that will not detect laser color reliably, at all, no matter what you do.
• As per common sense, cameras that can see infrared, such as the LASR Advanced Use Camera will not be able to detect laser color reliably. Mostly because infrared does not have a color.

How to test to ensure LASR color detection is 100%

Very simply: Shoot the target!

I would recommend shooting the target in several places, shooting each target at least once, and taking at least 10 shots with each color.

As long as the highlights in the timesheet match the color of laser you were using, you are good to go, unless there is a significant change to lighting or other factors.
5 years ago
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It is important to remember that the options within LASR that rely on laser color detection can only work correctly when LASR is detecting colors correctly. 

Ignore Laser Color
This is useful for telling the software to ignore the off-color take up lasers in SIRT pistols, or aiming lasers that are a different color than the shot indicating laser. It is important to note that if the two different laser impacts are too close together, the software cannot tell the difference between them, and may ignore both.

"Color of Laser" hit indicator color option
This is useful for tracking the laser color to track different shooters or different weapons.

Determine Shooter # By Laser Color under Race Mode
This is used to allow two shooters at the same time, on the same targets, as long as they are using different colored lasers.

If you do not wish to use these features, then do not worry about laser color detection. If you do wish to use these features, we encourage you to test laser color detection BEFORE activating these settings.