5 years ago
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We do our best to respect the intellectual property rights of LASR Community Members. LASR Team LLC accepts NO liability for or on the behalf of our members in respect to anything, including intellectual property violations.

When you create an exercise, that is considered your content and your property. We make all reasonable attempts to keep that content secure, and prevent others from decompiling/copying your content.

If you shoot an exercise, your uploaded results are also considered your content and your property. We make all reasonable attempts to keep that content secure. For example, only the owner of a set of results has the ability to share them outside of the community.

Currently, all intellectual property violation complaints should be submitted to LASR Team LLC for review. If there is sufficient evidence of content violation (which does not include "he came up with the same idea as me"), then we may take whatever action is appropriate.

LASR Team LLC reserves the right to use, for any purpose, any material provided by users to the LASR Community. All decisions of LASR Team LLC are final.