4 years ago
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You probably already have the best recoil training device

Your gun, and some ammo!


No, seriously! Dry-fire practice, with or without LASR, is very beneficial when used in _addition to_ your live-fire practice, not to replacing range time. LASR is there to help you get more from your dry-fire practice by providing a ton of feedback, some coaching and diagnostics, and, to be quite honest, make it much more fun. But you still need to hit the range with live ammo.

If you still insist on simulated recoil:

There are folks who want to have simulated recoil with their dry-fire practice, and there are companies that make training devices to meet this end, and LASR is fully compatible with them. We even offer a few in our online shop here. Please keep in mind that simulated recoil is just that: simulated. We have not seen any devices that come close to the real thing.

You will need to utilize the LASR Classic Advanced Camera for recoil devices, as it's high-frame rate is necessary for reliable and accurate shot detection with recoil devices.