4 years ago
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Yes, you can layer targets within LASR.

Keep in mind:

- Backdrop zones are intended to go around other target zones, to detect misses (you can also use them for no-shoots in many cases), and will always assume a “rear” position in the pecking order.
- The Target Templates plugin includes several complex and multi-zoned shapes already pre-built
- The layered zones are going to behave just like regular target zones, meaning they will be called in call targets mode, can be individually downed in target down mode, and will follow their settings just like regular target zones.
- This is really only useful for scoring purposes. Most of the time, I would just draw one big zone around my target(s) and look at the screen to see where I hit.

How to actually do this:

Target zones are ordered, from front to back, in the order that you draw them, so if you want a target zone to be “on top” of another, the one on top must be drawn first.

In this example, we drew zone one first, then zone two, then zone three. Zone one is in the very “front” covering all the others, zone two is “behind” zone one and “in front” of zone three, and zone three is “behind” all the others

You can do this with any target zones, including templates and freeform, or a mix. Backdrop zones, however, will _always_ go behind every other target zone.

You cannot draw a target zone where one already exists, so for some setups using this functionality, you may want to use edit mode to temporarily move the “front” zone out of the way so you can draw clearly, and then move the “front” zone back into place.