5 years ago
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Normally, LASR uses the typical 30 FPS that normal webcams provide, and that works just fine with regular laser training aids. There is no need for anything higher. This is relatively easy for most computers to do.

Accurately and reliably detecting laser impacts from recoil laser training aides is a different story. The mechanical movement of recoil laser training aids causes the laser to move very quickly after the shot, or the laser emitter is just set to a very short duration. Either way, very high frame rates are required to accurately and reliably detect laser impacts from these devices.

When using recoil laser training aids, the LASR Advanced Camera can run at up to 200 frames per second. Again, regular webcams are 30 FPS. Your computer not only needs to work harder just to get and display this image, but LASR must ask more of your computer to do nearly 7 times the work that it normally would, just to keep up with shot detection at that high frame rate.