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"I want a resetting trigger" - General questions about resetting triggers

5 years ago
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If you have not done so already, use the "Build My Kit" tool. There are specific questions that offer a resetting trigger that will answer your question faster than reading this.


Regular dry-fire practice with most firearms means resetting your firearm for every shot. Introducing LASR to this is very beneficial with the added feedback and functionality.

If you really feel you want a resetting trigger, there are options:

We recommend you get a SIRT Pistol, or, for an AR-15, a SIRT AR Bolt. Both of those are great training aides and offer an auto-resetting trigger.

Of course, if you have a revolver, you could also get a Laser Ammo Revolver Pro Pack.

If you have a manual action, such as a pump or bolt action, then the Laser Ammo inserts and adapters will do nicely and be functionally correct.

If you have a resetting trigger of some sort in your firearm already, such as a double action or double-strike capability, these will usually provide a resetting trigger (although not perfect for DA/SA weapons) when used with the Laser Ammo inserts. Please note that it is your responsibility to understand how your firearm functions.

There are also the Aimtech resetting trigger magazine kits, but only for certain pistols, and they are a final-sale option as the manufacturer is no longer around to provide support.

There are no other options that we know of, that can be taken seriously, but we'll keep our ear to the ground.

5 years ago
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Resetting trigger kits for Glocks:

The resetting trigger kits for Glocks suck. All of them (yes, even the ones made by Glock).

They are expensive, time consuming to install/uninstall (you will end up wanting to get a dedicated firearm for them), and worst of all, the trigger take-up, break, overtravel, and reset are incredibly inconsistent, even on the same firearm,  even from shot to shot.

We don't feel that they offer any training value, and in fact, may even have negative training value. That is why we don't offer them. If you were/are considering this route, we would stongly advise you to consider the SIRT pistol. It offers a fully-adjustable, auto-resetting trigger which is pretty realistic, and will end up saving you a lot of time and money.

We will not and do not offer any products in this shop that we do not personally recommend. Period.

If you are still hell bent on the resetting trigger kit for your Glock, you can find them from a wide variety of places. Doing a google search will reveal several options. 

There are no resetting trigger kits for any other firearms that we know of.