5 years ago
#506 Quote

We'd bet real money that you are in edit mode.

The lock / unlock button needs to be locked for shots to be detected.

This is covered in the startup dialog:

We recommend reveiwing the portion of the LASR Online Tutorial that covers edit mode. Click here to go directly to it.

The symptoms are different:

"All the buttons in the bottom right / under the timesheet are greyed out"
"I can't click on start shooting"
"I can't click on clear results/clear target"
"I can't click on recalibrate (lightbulb)"
"Start shooting is greyed out"
"Clear results/clear target is greyed out"
"Recalibrate (lightbulb) is greyed out"
"All my targets have funny stuff around them"
"All my calibration bars are at zero"

But the solution is the same. Please slow down and read the in-app text.
We do not put it in there to be annoying; we put it there to be helpful.