5 years ago
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With LASR Classic: Yes.

There is no such thing as a wireless webcam, but there are wireless IP cameras that are compatible with LASR. It needs to be on a local network and be able push an MJpeg feed over HTTP. Also, some wireless cameras will be able to work with infrared laser training aides.

Because IP cameras are not very standardized, some makes and models are going to work better than others, and some may not be able to work with LASR at all. For a list of tested IP cameras, click here.

Wireless IP cameras are not as user-friendly or as reliable as regular ol' webcams, so we do not recommend this for beginners. If you are just starting out with LASR, please learn the basics using a regular webcam. We would also recommend that you stick with a traditional USB webcam unless you have a specific need to use a wireless camera. You can read more by clicking here.