5 years ago
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This is a pretty uncommon issue, as LASR is built to not be sensitive to the duration of the laser impact. LASR will not report multiple hits, no matter how long the laser is on. This means that if it is happening, LASR believes that there were two laser impacts. Most often, this is caused by one of the following two conditions:

1.) The laser impact is moving out of the target zone, and then back in. LASR only looks for impacts inside of the target zones that you draw, and if the laser moves out of the target zone, the software will no longer see it, and will consider it a new impact when the laser moves back into the target zone. This is the most common cause.

The recommended solution is to make your target zones bigger. There is no reason why your target zones need to perfectly outline your target or any particular portion of your target. You can also use backdrop zones around your regular target zones.

Also, remember that any orange areas on your targets are disabled, and LASR will "lose track" of any laser impacts that go into that area, but see them as new when they come back in. For help reducing or eliminating any orange areas on your targets, please click here.

2.) High-contast targets: If the laser momentarily travels through a dark area of an otherwise bright target, it may breifly "lose track" of that laser impact if it is no longer bright enough to be detected in that darker area. Then, when the laser re-enters the brighter/more reflective portion of the target, it may be seen as a new laser impact.

Please note that this is extremely uncommon, only happens in certain (usually brighter) lighting conditions, and LASR has counter-measures built-in to prevent double impacts in this case, but unusually long impacts (for instance, from very novice shooters using SIRT devices) do increase the likelyhood of this happening.

(for more information on high-contrast targets, please reference the LASR Online Tutorial or the LASR Quickstart Guide, both of which are accessible from within LASR in the "?" menu.)

3.) The laser training aid is actually firing two pulses. This is extremely rare, but has been seen to happen, especially with vibration activated lasers.

If you are using the LASR Advanced Camera and you are experiencing this issue, please contact us.