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Although, if you are asking this question, you probably should do some more reading.

LASR doesn't really know or care what gun you are using. LASR uses ANY webcam to watch ANY targets for laser impacts from ANY laser training aide. Laser training aides have been around for a while, and the basic idea is that they shoot a laser instead of a bullet.

Please use the "Build My Kit" to find out which options fit you best and what is available.

There are tons of different options for laser training aides. So what hardware you are using is completely up to you. The ones we recommend (based on price, reliability, and training value) are in our online shop, and we are constantly keeping our ear to the ground for new stuff coming out.

The Laser Ammo inserts work great with your real firearm, and can adapt to a wide variety of chambers.

The SIRT pistols are complete replacement training pistols that provide a resetting trigger.

The SIRT AR bolt works with your real AR-15 and provides a resetting trigger.

All of these are great options, it really just depends on your budget and training needs. If you know of any hardware options that you think we should be offering, please contact us.