5 years ago
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Yes. LASR works with ANY laser training aid.

If it shoots a laser (that the webcam can see), it will work.

Please use the "Build My Kit" to find out which options fit you best and what is available, and answer common questions about compatibility.

In fact, if desired, the software can actually distinguish between different laser colors (red or green), including to ignore the off-color take up lasers on SIRT devices, aiming lasers, or that guy with a laser pointer who thinks he is funny at a trade show (as long as the laser color is different). You can also use the laser color detection to distinguish different shooters or different weapons.

Just to re-iterate: Yes, LASR will work with Laserlyte, Aimtech, or any other laser training aid. The only caveat is that the webcam must be able to see the laser impact.

Infrared Devices require a camera that can see infrared. There aren't any commercially available, except for higher-end ($200 and up) IP cameras, so we offer the LASR Advanced Camera.

Recoil Devices require a camera that can run at a high frame rate in order to accurately and reliably detect the laser impacts. Again, nothing comercially available, so we offer the LASR Advanced Camera.