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KWA ATP with Laser Conversion

A converted airsoft pistol for an affordable recoil training aide solution. **Compatible only with LASR Classic**
Manufacturer: Laser Ammo
Availability: 1 in stock

The KWA Adaptive Training Pistol is a popular airsoft training tool that is fitted with a laser adapter (visible red laser) for use with the LASR software. It has a fit and function that is similar to a full-size glock, and presents the added training benefits of a resetting trigger, some felt recoil, and slide/sight movement.


The KWA Adaptive Training Pistol with Laser Conversion is powered by green gas, a common propellant for airsoft devices available at many sporting goods outlets. It features an adjustable backstrap, extended slide release, functional front accessory rail, and 3 dot style sights. You can pick up additional magazines to practice reloads or avoid having to recharge gas as frequently. It will fit in most holsters made for a Glock 17/22, the laser module is adjustable for point of impact, and it uses the same battery packs as the Laser Ammo inserts.


The KWA ATP Complete Solution Includes:

  • KWA ATP Pistol
    • Laser conversion already installed (visible red laser)
    • Laser module already zeroed
  • KWA ATP Magazine
    • Magazine follower removed (prevents lockback)
  • Original parts
    • Can be re-installed for use with Airsoft BBs
    • Magazine follower
    • Original barrel
  • Original packaging and instructions from the adapter kit and pistol


Important: In order for recoil laser training aides to work with LASR, the LASR Advanced Camera is required. It is not included with this product, but can be added seperately.