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Aimtech Resetting Trigger Magazine Kit

Convert your real firearm into an laser training device complete with a simulated resetting trigger.
*All sales on Aimtech items are final.
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This laser training aid solution adapts to your real firearm. Simply insert the training magazine into the magazine well on your pistol and insert the bore laser into the muzzle.

The training magazine uses motion from your real trigger to simulate a resetting trigger, complete with a fairly realistic take-up, break, overtravel, and reset, when properly adjusted. The magazine also transmits to the bore insert when the shot breaks, telling it to "fire" a pulse from its shot indicating laser.

The infrared laser module can be adjusted for point-of-impact, and the magazine can be adjusted to modify the trigger take-up and break weight. All of this is with your real pistol, meaning you can use your holster, sights, lights, and everything else.

Each kit includes:

  • Training Magazine
  • Laser Bore Insert
    • Adjustment tool (adjust the laser's point of impact)
  • Printed Instructions
  • Caliber adapter bushings (Glock kits only)
    • 40 S&W / 45 ACP (One bushing for both)
  • Magazine removal tool (1911 kit only)

Please check the notes on each kit below for important compatibility information.

Need to know:

  • These are a discontinued item. We will no longer be carrying them.
  • All sales are final on Aimtech products. We do not provide any support or return services for them.
  • Aimtech may be out of business, as they have been unreachable for some time. As such, there is no one to honor the manufacturer's warranty.




Picture of M&P - Resetting Trigger Magazine Kit
M&P - Resetting Trigger Magazine Kit
Full-size 9mm M&P pistols with 4.25" or 5" barrels only.
Availability: 2 in stock
Picture of Glock - Resetting Trigger Magazine Kit
Glock - Resetting Trigger Magazine Kit
Full-size 9mm/40 S&W Glock pistols, Gen 3 or 4 only.
Availability: 1 in stock