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LASR Advanced Camera (Infrared and Recoil Compatible)

Versatile camera for advanced compatibility for LASR
Works with any infrared laser devices
Works with any recoil laser devices
Works with normal visible lasers
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Manufacturer: Shooter Technology Group
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Camera Features:

The LASR Advanced Camera is a versatile camera specially built for use with LASR and non-typical laser training devices. This includes infrared laser devices, recoil laser devices, and devices that fit both of those categories. It is also still able to work fine with regular visible laser training devices, if desired. It has several capabilities that normal webcams do not have.

This product includes
the LASR Advances Camera, as well as a single activation key for the Advanced Camera extension within LASR. The activation key is included on the printed instructions that come with the camera. The extension includes the drivers and controls for using LASR in both infrared and recoil modes. If you already have the camera, and only need the extension, you can purchase it here.

Features of the LASR Advanced Camera include a tripod mounting option (1/4"-20 common thread) and a 6 1/2 foot USB 2.0 cable inside of a 3D Printed Case. It comes with the standard 6mm manual focus lens which offers a 35 degree field of veiw (~37 in @ 5ft). Additional lenses can be found here.

Wide-angle and optical zoom are additional options that normal webcams cannot do, but the LASR Advanced Camera can. Optical zoom allows you to put the camera even further from your targets, and wide-angle allows you to put more targets within the camera's view. Additional lenses to accomplish this are available in our online shop here.

 Use with infrared laser devices:

The LASR Advanced Camera can see infrared light, allowing it to work perfectly with infrared laser training devices. All of the features and modes within LASR still work the same way, but infrared lasers are not visible to the naked eye, preventing the shooters from handicapping themselves with visible laser impacts.

Two different resolutions are available when the LASR Advanced Camera is used with infrared; Standard (320x240 @30FPS) which is the recommended resolution, and High (640x480 @30 FPS) which can be used with mid-to-high performance devices.

The LASR Advanced Camera ensures compatibility with ANY infrared laser training device. We offer various infrared laser training devices in our shop, and they are available from other vendors and manufacturers.

 Use with recoil laser devices:

The LASR Advanced Camera is capable of a very high framerate (320x240 @200FPS) which is required to reliably and accurately detect impacts from recoil devices. This is due to the mechanical movement of the device, which causes extremely fast mechanical movement of the laser, which in turn causes normal 30FPS webcams to not be able to reliably and accurately detect those impacts.

When used in high framerate mode, the LASR software will automatically provide a framerate testing tool (to ensure your computer is keeping up), modify shot detection, and modify various background functions in order to ensure the best performance with the high framerate.

The LASR Advanced Camera ensures compatibility with ANY recoil laser training device, including those with infrared lasers. We offer some recoil laser training devices in our online shop, which are based on modified airsoft devices, but this will also work with other recoil devices such as Dvorak and Coolfire.

"Need to know" for recoil users:
(None of the following applies for anything other than recoil devices)

The minimum system requirements are increased when using recoil devices:
Minimum CPU: 1.8 GHZ dual-core hyperthreaded or better
Minimum RAM: 4 GB or more
Recommended CPU: Full quad-core 2.0 GHz processor or better
CPUs with a TDP of 15W or lower are not recommended. A discrete GPU can improve performance in some cases.

If you are not sure your computer can meet these requirements, we do have a 15 day return policy if it does not work for you.

The LASR Station is not compatible with recoil devices. The ability to use the high framerate setting is deliberately disabled on LASR Stations.

We have also found that, due to the mechanical movement of recoil devices, typical maximum distance for camera to target is 5 feet, and maximum shooter to target distance is 15 feet. These are general recommendations, regardless of what target solution you use with recoil devices (not specific to LASR), but may vary depending on the specific recoil device. The shooter can still move around, use cover, etc.

We also recommend using the reduced size targets we offer in our online shop, or something similar, with recoil devices, for both training value (distance limitations above), and reliability of shot detection. A tripod is also recommended, as shot detection is more sensitive when in the high framerate mode.