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How It Works

LASR runs on your computer, tablet, or phone and uses the camera to watch any targets for laser impacts from laser-bullet inserts or training pistols.

When LASR detects impacts, it instantly reports the hit with an audible tone, the exact location, how fast you were, and can provide diagnostic feedback.

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  • I pledge to uphold the 4 rules of firearm safety and instill those rules into my pupils.
  • I pledge to always treat firearms with safety, respect, and responsibility.
  • I pledge to always uphold the 2nd amendment and it’s importance to American freedom.
  • I pledge to continue my own firearms education so I may become a better instructor.

" Since purchasing the L.A.S.R. System, training beginner shooters has dramatically improved with substantial cost reduction. It is easier to concentrate on the safety issues while also training them to focus on the fundamentals of shooting. "

Rodger - Firearms Instructor and LASR User

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Approved by the Training Division of the National Rifle Association

Prep New Shooters

From the four rules of firearms safety, to the fundamentals of marksmanship, to drawing and reholstering, dry-fire practice with LASR allows your students to learn comfortably, with low cost, and low risk.

LASR is extremely flexible, and built with instructors in mind. It includes an easy read-out of time and accuracy; including diagnostic tools for trigger press analysis.

Sharpen their Skills

Your students can practice drills and skills that involve movement, reloads, use of cover, target discrimination, physical stress, decision making, or literally anything else you can practice at the live range, plus some things you often can't.

LASR is packed with a variety of features and modes to both challenge your students, and help you spot their weaknesses and areas that need improvment.

Grow and Expand

Practicing only occasionally will never make a shooter better. Think outside the box for your instructional methods including: distance learning, regularly scheduled evening seminars, dedicated dryfire clinics, and even using LASR to bring in new students at public events.

Whether you already include dry fire practice in your curriculum, or you want to start including it, LASR can help you and your students make the most out of class time.


Online Training

If you choose LASR Classic, the LASR Community presents a wide variety of options and capabilities for instructors. You can create and upload your own courses of fire. You can offer distance learning, create brand recognition by adding your own instructional course of fire, or give your students assignments to complete at home.

If you choose LASR X, the LASR Challenges provide a wide array of basic pistol manipulation drills designed to focus on specific skill sets. When you add extra devices in LASR X, you can have multiple students shoot at the same time or setup room clearing and shoot-house scenarios.

What our users say

" [LASR] is a great dry fire tool. I would recommend it to anyone interested in honing their skills without a trip to the range. The product has already paid for itself (no cost for ammo). Great product! "

Timothy - LASR User

" Shooter Ready? ..... beep. If you shoot IDPA or even if you don't, you'll enjoy seeing your shots and having someone keep score of your hits on targets you chose... A little tail on my hits told me I am pushing the trigger rather than the smooth pull straight back as I thought I was doing. "

Tom - LASR User

" We are very happy with this product and would highly recommend it to anyone and have to many. We are in the beginning phases of developing our Firearms Safety Training Company and in the charter classes, this equipment has proven well worth the investment. Almost every client has inquired about the LASR system. Very impressed with the system. "

Andy - LASR User