Practice with us and see noticeable improvement in your draw speed and accuracy.
No special equipment!

Just use your gun and your holster and follow along with us. Please be sure to take note of the safety tips at the beginning of the video.

I already have LASR

What our users say:

" Shooter Ready? ..... beep. If you shoot IDPA or even if you don't, you'll enjoy seeing your shots and having someone keep score of your hits on targets you chose... A little tail on my hits told me I am pushing the trigger rather than the smooth pull straight back as I thought I was doing. "

Tom - LASR User

" Very simple software to setup. The product runs great and the shot reporter is very accurate with shot placement and shot times. I highly recommend this for instructors and shooters looking to enhance their dry fire training. 5/5!!! "

Connor - LASR User

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