Practice with us and see noticeable improvement in your draw speed and accuracy.
No special equipment!

Just use your gun and your holster and follow along with us. Please be sure to take note of the safety tips at the beginning of the video.

I already have LASR

What our users say:

" I'm really enjoying this software. I haven't been training since I got my permit because I have a range any where near. Now I can train with my own hand guns and see just how I'm doing and a chance to work on improving. Well worth the money to be able to train. "

Samuel - LASR User

" I am a law enforcement firearms instructor, and I decided to take a chance on LASR to see if it is everything it was bragged up to be, and it exceeded my expectations. It is a great tool for training and very flexible. I especially like the diagnostic mode for new shooters. I'm extremely impressed. "

Ben - LASR User