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RangeTech Shot Timer -- BlueTooth

Bluetooth connectivity allows for extremely high reliability, usability, and works with Android and iOS devices.
Manufacturer: Shooter Technology Group
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iOS or Android

Phones or Tablets
Dual Purpose Button
Press once: Start/Restart the shot timer
Press and hold: Audibly announce shot times
Remote Control
>50ft range (varies by device)
8hr Battery
Use any common mini-usb charger
Reliable Shot Detection
Tested in wind, indoor, outdoor, busy ranges, and down to suppressed .22 (quietest gun)
Loud Speaker and LED
Speaker and LED signal start and pars
Prepatory Commands
Optional commands before the timer starts
Fully-Adjustable Start Delay
Limitless range
Par Time
Set a limit or goal for your shot times
Par Shots
Set a limit or goal for the number of shots
Unlimited string and shot storage
USPSA, IDPA, automatic ranking, and more
Auto Restart
Automatically restart for continuous practice
Audibly announce the raw total time, automatically or on button press
Billboard Mode
Large-font simplified veiw for quick and easy reading of shot times
Customizable Buttons
Tie custom actions, such as starting or stopping, to the buttons on your phone
Photo Attachments
Attach photos of your targets to record accuracy
Saving and Sharing
For record keeping, showing off, or analysis
Lock-Screen Running
Save battery and avoid accidental button hits (Android only)
Free Support
Feedback and support built-in to app
Belt Clip Included
Easy for one person to use and run by his/herself
No Licensing Limits
Use with as many devices as you wish