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LASR Station

Full LASR License
All features and modes
Free Support and Updates
Includes Tablet, Tripod, Webcam, and More!
No-Hassle Setup & Use

Manufacturer: Shooter Technology Group
Availability: Out of Stock - on backorder and will be dispatched once in stock.

Don't have a computer?
Want to have a dedicated setup?
Want high mobility and ease of use?

This solution is for you!


Highly Mobile

This setup can run the LASR software for up to 4 hours on battery life, or indefinitely when plugged in. Move it around your house easily to train anywhere without having to drag your computer or power cables around. When fully extended, the setup is 62.5 inches tall with a width of 34 inches at the base. When fully collapsed, it is 25 inches tall and weighs in at a portable 4.25 lbs. The entire Station can be picked up and moved around easily with one hand.

Fully Featured
This setup includes a full LASR software license, including all features and modes. Check out LASR's full feature list by clicking here.

If you want to add any plugins, or the LASR Advanced Camera for infrared, you can do so. Just like all our software products, you get free support and free updates for the lifetime of the products! (Yes, you can utilize the built-in cameras for Shooter Watch) to Use
Everything is pre-installed and pre-tested for your convienience. When we put yours together, we'll even switch LASR into Station mode. This optimizes display sizes and functionality for the smaller touchscreen format.
The LASR Station includes a FREE tabletop docking station with a full keyboard and trackpad for easier use with complex setups. You can also connect additional items such as beefier speakers, a mouse, or a larger screen.

Everything You Need
No need to deal with moving your laptop to your training area when you want to practice. Just leave the LASR Station in place for a dedicated, no-hassle solution. 

  The LASR Station Includes the Following: LASR Software License

All of the features and modes of LASR. Click here for the full feature list. Can also be upgraded with any and all of the LASR Plugins, and for use with infrared laser devices with the LASR Advanced Camera.

If you do want to move your LASR license to a different machine later on, you can do so.

When installed as a Station, LASR will automatically modify some of its display sizes and UI to be optimal for the smaller screen and increase touch-friendliness, and hide some irrelevant settings for maximum ease of use. Click here to read the full details.

10 Inch Windows 10 Tablet (made by RCA, improved by LASR Team)

  • 1.83 GHz Intel Atom Quad Core Processor
  • 2 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 32 GB Solid State Hard Drive
  • 8 Inch Touchscreen display
  • Wifi and Bluetooth (connect to the internet and/or a mouse and keyboard)
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Built-in microphone and cameras (great for the Shooter Watch plugin)
  • Audio Jack (hook up some beefier speakers)
  • HDMI port (connect to a larger screen)
  • Standard USB port (connect the included webcam)
  • Dedicated charging port (can run LASR and charge at the same time)
  • Mini-USB port (alternate charging method)
  • Micro SD Card Slot (expandable disk space)

FREE Keyboard/Trackpad Dock 

A keyboard dock with a track-pad that can make some tasks easier, especially with more complex setup and usage. You can dismount the tablet from the tripod mount, attach the keyboard, and still use the tripod and webcam as a tripod and webcam, and have the device sitting on a table or other surface.

Charging Cable 

5 ft charging cable with 120v-240v wall charging adapter with a dedicated charging port on the tablet so you can run LASR while charging.

61 Inch Tripod  (made by Ravelli, improved by LASR Team)

This well-built tripod has been improved with a custom tablet mount designed and built by LASR Team LLC. It includes a secure and easy-to-use locking mechanism to help prevent accidentally dropping the tablet, and allow you to move your LASR Station around without worry.

The tablet is held at approximately 30 inches when fully extended, and is tilted back for easier viewing and ease-of-use when changing settings.

C270 Webcam (made by Logitech, improved by LASR Team)

This is the same Logitech C270 webcam that we offer in our online shop, but modified with an extremely sturdy, customized tripod mount made by LASR Team LLC. This will ensure maximium reliability and ease-of use.

Odds and Ends

The LASR Software comes with instructions already built-in, but we added some of our own instructions for common questions about setting up the LASR Station and using Windows 10.

You'll also get the original instructions from RCA for their tablet and from Ravelli for their tripod.

One extra component that you might end up wanting is the tripod quick-release plate. We keep this with the station in case you want to change out the camera or use the LASR Advanced Camera.

Installation, Inspection, and Testing

The LASR Station comes with Windows 10 already set up, and LASR already installed and ready to go. All of the components ship pre-assembled, and each LASR Station is individually tested and inspected by LASR Team LLC. You can literally take it out of the box and start training.

  Limitations you should know about:  

The tablet is not capable of running high-performance applications. It does NOT meet the minimum system requirements to maintain the frame rate neccessary for recoil laser training devices with the LASR Advanced Camera, and this option is deliberately disabled. The LASR Station is not capable of reliably running shot detection at camera resolutions higher than the recommended 320x240.

As with all other items that are not manufactured by LASR Team LLC, we do not provide extended support or warranty beyond our 15 day policy on the components that we do not manufacture. More information on manufacturer's warranties for these items is available here