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Cameras & Targets (Dry Fire)

"Stay sharp between range sessions, practice things you can't do at the range."

  • Your Computer
  • Any Laser Trainer
  • Any Webcam
  • Any Targets

LASR Software: $120.00

Build My Kit

Use the "Build My Kit" tool to get started!

Logitech C270 Webcam

LASR works with any webcam, but if you are looking for one-stop shopping, here you go!

61 Inch Tripod

Need a steady place to put your webcam? Look no further!

LASR Advanced Camera (Infrared and Recoil Compatible)

Versatile camera for advanced compatibility for LASR
Works with any infrared laser devices
Works with any recoil laser devices
Works with normal visible lasers
Free support and updates


Lenses for the LASR Advanced Camera

These optional/additional lenses allow you to customize and optimize the LASR Advanced Camera for your setup.
From $12.00

Build Your Own Dryfire Target Pack

LASR will work with nearly any targets, but if you are looking for professional grade, here ya go!
From $1.50

Dry-Fire Target Stand

Put targets at different distances and angles easily.

Product includes a single 4ft target stand.
Targets not included.

Shoot/No Shoot Overlays - Starter Pack

Convert any full-size targets to complex scenario targets!

Save 15% with this starter pack of 120 items.

Does not include targets themselves.
$52.80 $45.00

Build Your Own Judgemental Target Pack

Need to plus up your starter pack or looking to place a custom/bulk order?
From $0.18

Painters Tape

Great for sticking targets to your wall with minimal risk of damage to the targets or the wall. Works great for cardboard or paper.