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RangeTech By The Numbers Drill

6 days ago
#1701 Quote

As I'm a fan of making someone think before they shoot, I'd like to see the RangeTech include the ability to use randomly selected voice start commands, so that it could be used for practicing drills like "By The Numbers" when you don't have someone else available to randomly choose the target.

The general implementation wouldn't be terribly difficult:

  • Define number of choices

  • Record the command for each choice

  • Randomly pick 1 of N choices

All the hardware is there in the phone, just needs the software to implement it.

I'm planning on picking up the RangeTech shot timer shortly. Not sure if it can do what I'm asking, but I think it'd be a great feature.


6 days ago
#1703 Quote

Yes, this is on the short list, along with a number of other features. This would basically mimic the Call Targets mode that is already in LASR.