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LASR software crash on startup that won't recover

3 months ago
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LASR software crashed in the middle of use and would not restart with some generic popup error. 

  • Rebooted:  Same thing

  • Uninstalled & Reinstalled product:  Same thing

  • Uninstalled, delted documents/lasr and checked regisgry (nothing there) then reinstalled:  Same thing

The eventual fix was removing the c:\username\appdata\local\Laser_Team\Laser.exe_SID\version\  and deleting the user.config.  you can, of course delete the whole Laser_Team folder and it will rebuild on next launch.  Luckily I didn't delete the documents/laser folder but renamed it so I copied it back and I'm back in business. 

NOTE the appdata is a hidden folder so you have to type it in.  Alternatively, you can "run" %appdata% and it will tak you to your appdata/roaming where you can back up one level and see appdata/local

Hope this helps someone else.



3 months ago
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Unfortunately I didn't save a copy of that config to see what the specific culprit was.  If it happens to someone else, please capture the file and attach it for support.  No idea how it could have corrupted in the middle of use.  I was literally away from the machine (Surface Pro 4) for about 10 min and came back to it locked up.  Upon exit/relaunch is when the crash started.

9 days ago
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I had the same issue. This help out and solved it. Thanks!