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Can't see all targets

3 months ago
#1634 Quote

One of my targets is "off screen". I want to delete it, but don't want to delete the others and start over on thids detailed drill with very specific and small target zones.  **Not off screen because of camera...just somehow off the computer screen. And no, scrolling over doesn't do the trick. 

3 months ago
#1636 Quote

Unfortunatley, if you can't see the target zone at all, there isn't a way to delete it individually. You'll need to use the delete all "escape hatch" to get rid of it. If you can see it at all, just double click on it in edit mode.

3 months ago
#1642 Quote

I wonder how it got off the screen in the first place? Maybe crank up your camera to highest resolution from normal just to see if the target then appears on the screen? That's the only way I can imagine that it got there in the first place. Maybe you had camera res higher when you created it, then turn camera res down and now it's off the screen?

3 months ago
#1643 Quote

Yes, something went very weird. I haven't seen a target zone go completely off screen wince pre-resolution scaling, version 3.0 I think

3 months ago
#1645 Quote

Well maybe Chris might want to see if he needs to update, lol?