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LASR Advanced Camera

4 months ago
#1619 Quote

Is there a more advanced camera than the one that is currently offered?

It seems that the LASR Advanced Camera is missing 20% of my hits (not registered). 



4 months ago
#1620 Quote

Thank you for visiting the forums. I've moved your post to the troubleshooting section.

What laser training device are you using?

Have you looked at this support topic: http://lasrapp.com/store/boards/topic/381/its-not-detecting-hits-some-or-at-all

Have you contacted us to have us take a look at it?

4 months ago
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I am using the same training device that I purchased 


I am waiting for your company to contact me.


4 months ago
#1622 Quote

Please don't post your order number or other sensitive information, on a public forum. I have removed it for you.

We attempted to contact you via chat, however you indicated that you weren't available until after 3:00pm. This is why we prefer people contact us instead of vice versa. We'll be waiting for your call back this afternoon.