5 months ago
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Several years ago (2010 - 2014) we were LASR dealers bundling the LASR software with the Surestrike products.  I had a retail store front and on one side of the store we had a range set up with two LASR installations running.  We used the installation to allow customers to dryfire pistols, as a training tool and we ran some small competitions as well.   We also traveled and worked the guns shows in our region.  We sold a ton of these systems back then.  We would set up two systems at the gun show and allow people to actually shoot the system.  It was almost an instant sell.

I closed my store and quit doing gunshows in 2014.  I recently was going through a some boxes that I had stored and found the set ups that we used at gunshows.  I dug out the LASR gear, installed it in one of my pistols (SIG P250 40SW), hung a cuople of reflective targets and puts some fresh batteries in a couple of the LaserLyte reactive targets that were in the box.  Lo and Behold, everything worked.  I spent the rest of the afternoon running house clearing drills and playing with the software.  It was, of course, years out of date, but I got it to load and run.

I came to the website and purchased the latest version of the software with the plugin pack and have spent last evening and this morning working with it again.  I am very impressed with the improvements and additions that have been made to the product.  I have just visited the Surestrike site and ordered and IR laser insert.  We had a couple before the store closed and were using them for training.  We found that experienced shooters needed to use the IR because they would quickly adapt to the laser splash on the targets and begin using that to correct their shot placement rather then relying on sight picture and fundamentals.  I want to have the best possible training tool as I get back into my training regimine with a thought to starting competitive shooting once more.

I just wanted to let everyone at LASR know that a long time fan of the product is back and happier than ever with what you are offering.


Dennis K. Howard