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A new version of the LASR Community was published on 6 June 2017 to correspond to a minor update to LASR ( As usual, you don't need to do anything to update the community, as you will automatically get the latest version when you open LASR. 

Library (sounds and targets)
Those who have unlocked the appropriate ranks (see "My Ranking" page for more info) can access and contribute to a library of printable targets and downloadable sounds. The targets will download and open for printing in your default PDF application, and the sounds will automatically download to the custom sounds plugin on your machine (the Custom Sounds plugin is required).

Of course, you can search, sort, preview and vote on these items given the appropriate ranks have been unlocked. Downloading a library item is required before you can vote on it. Once you have unlocked the "Library Access" rank, look in the top menu for the "Library" button to get to this area.

Profile Images!!!
Profile images are now used on the results previews and exercise previews that you have created. It is also displayed in the bottom right corner with your login info. Be sure to add a profile image if you haven't already by clicking on your name in the bottom right corner and then clicking on account settings. There are no rank requirements for this.

Miscellaneous changes
- Moved login info to bottom right corner to avoid potential display issues
- Added exercise thumbnails to exercise result preveiws
- Fixed the zoom hint so it behaves as desired
- Fixed a bug with multiple reminder emails being sent to the same person
- Fixed a bug when setting the key metric on an exercise that doesn't have any results yet
- Various visual improvements and fixes

Additional Note:
LASR includes "exercise zone memory" to make running the same exercise multiple times much easier. This will automatically store your zone locations for your computer so that major adjustments should not be needed when setting up an exercise after the first time.