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Mysterious White Rectangle on LASR Community Screens

4 months ago
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When accessing the LASR Community Screens, there is a white rectangle "floating" over the text/images being displayed on the right side of the screens. It affects all screens within the LASR Community portion of the application, and it cannot be selected or moved with a mouse. When the screen is scrolled, the text flows under the rectangle and is obscured by it.

I'm running LASR on Windows 10 Home on a Toshiba Satellite P55t-C.

Please help!


4 months ago
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Micheal, can you send us that image and a message to support@LASRapp.com please?

4 months ago
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Absolutely! Sorry for the delay - I just saw your message.


FYI - your most recent update appears to have corrected the issue. Having issues with the Go Home button not functioning in the Exercise screens now.