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Logitech C270 and Laptop WEBCAM not working

one month ago
#1537 Quote

L.A.S.R worked fine last time I used it now the Laptop's on board camera and Logitech C270 are recognised in L.A.S.R and work outside but there is no picture in L.A.S.R. When you go to shoot it just calibrates forever. I have updated windows and re-installed the Logitech software. What next?


one month ago
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I would suggesting contacting us and requesting a screenshare so we can take a look. It may be a driver or hardware issue, and we might be able to help you get it up and running again.

one month ago
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I am having the exact same problem.  Worked great, now all of a sudden not working.  I pulled up the windows camera package and I can see through the camera just fine using it.  However, the camera view is not working in the software.  This just happened.


Perhaps a recent windows 10 update not compatable with the software?


Again, there is no camera view.  There is a big "watermark" target in teh background.  My target selections loaded fine, just no camera view.

one month ago
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Same, I'm using Windows 8

one month ago
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It seems that something is going on with a windows update or something along those lines.

If someone who is experiencing this can contact us for a screenshare that would be helpful, as we cannot reproduce it on any computers here.

one month ago
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Is anyone here using AVG anti-virus? Currently, that is our best lead on this issue.

one month ago
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Screenshot and email sent. I do use AVG.

one month ago
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Can you try turning it off, and maybe even uninstalling AVG? This seems to be the common denominator for users who are experiencing this issue.

Let us know if that changes your results.

one month ago
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I uninstalled AVG and it works with the onboard webcam. Will try with Logitech tonight.

Thanks LASR Team!


one month ago
#1548 Quote

Thanks for getting back to us and your patience.

For others that are reading this post:

That pretty much confirms that AVG is the problem. It also appears turning it off might not be enough to remedy the issue, you may need to uninstall. If you are a paying AVG customer, I would encourage you to contact them about the issue.

one month ago
#1552 Quote

I am posting a whitelist request to AVG - I encourage others to do the same.  However, to the vendor.  It says on their site:

For Software Vendors

  • In case you are a software vendor and you want to prevent your software from being falsely detected, please apply for the “Whitelisting service account” by choosing "Application Whitelisting" item from the form below.


The URL for this is:  https://secure.avg.com/submit-sample



one month ago
#1553 Quote

In case anyone is wondering, I am able to confirm that LASR does not work with AVG.  However, I can also confirm, that it is not working with AVAST, which I loaded since I need to have protection.  So, it seems there may be a bigger issue in play here.  Does LASR work with any anti-virus excluding McAfee and Norton, which I will not inflict on my system?

Anti-Virus seems to be the issue, but I can confoirm it is not limited to AVG.

Steps to reproduce:

1)  Uninstall AVG

2) Run LASR - it works!

3) Install AVAST

4) Run LASR - It no longer works. 


one month ago
#1554 Quote

Logitech camera works without AVG.

one month ago
#1555 Quote

Yes - but it seems that the problems are not limited to AVG.  What antivirus have you switched to that still lets LASR work?

It does not work with AVAST either.  AVG and AVAST are the top two virus programs recomended on PC Computing, which is why I reference them.  I do not want to have to sacrifice protection to use LASR. 

Does a non-logitech camera work with LASR and AVG? 

one month ago
#1556 Quote

It appears to affect any webcam.

Avast and AVG are the same thing with different labels: https://blog.avast.com/avast-and-avg-become-one

To be honest, you need to be asking AVG/Avast this question. They changed something that affects program's abilities to utilize a webcam, even when "protection" is supposedly disabled. Meanwhile, we changed nothing.

one month ago
#1559 Quote

Thanks.  I did post the question to them.  We'll see what happens.  Unless a lot of us contact them though, I expect mostly the finger pointing game.

I have found one that seems to work:  ZoneAlarm. 

I tried Bitdefender, but it does not like Malwarebytes, and not giving that up ;)


one month ago
#1560 Quote

Thanks for the members who figured out the antivirus software is stopping LASR from working. The LASR software was working on my PC on Friday, May 5, 2017 at about 9PM DST. According to AVAST, the AVAST software was updated on May 6, 2017 at about 3:39AM. I tried to use the LASR software on Saturday  May 6, 2017 at 3PM DST and had the same issue : no video. I uninstalled AVAST on May 6, 2017  at 4PM DST and now the LASR software functions.  When/if the apparent problem with AVAST gets fixed , please post a reply on this forum.


EDIT : May 9, 2017  Good news !  

AVAST updated their software to progam version  17.4.2294 ( build 17.4.3482.0) and the LASR software works when AVAST is active.