6 months ago
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I have been using my SIRT pistol with L.A.S.R. software but was finding the green laser to be very distracting in following my sights.  Recalling my physics lessons I recalled that a RED lens blocks Green light.  So I ordered cheap ($10) pair of red sun glasses from Amazon.  While the lenses are either not pure red or the laser is not pure green, they do block much of the laser light to the eye.  While I can still see it I really need to make an effort to see it.  The iPhone pictures make the laser look brighter than what I see, but you can see here how much less noticeable the dot is to your eyes.  These are small 1/3rd size USPSA targets.

Without Glasses:

Laser without glasses


With Glasses:

Laser with glasses


The Glasses:

The glasses